Apr 23rd, 2010
Not again


So, there I am, creating my masterpiece website, moving everything around and creating new and useful ways for you, my lovelies, to find what you’re looking for; the stitchery or quilt project or thread that’s going to spark your creative juices. And then it happened, the software hung, then crashed. With my heart in my throat, I restarted it and the sections I’d been moving, the threads, had just disappeared. Well, about half of them disappeared. The options (5 yard/1 yard) were missing from the rest. Being new to this software, I couldn’t work out how to reimport the stock without screwing up my lovely new design, so I just decided to re-enter them by hand. It took days and days.

The good news, however, is that I discovered there are some new colours in all 3 of our speciality ranges; Weeks Dye Works, The Gentle Art and Crescent Colours; so I’ll be getting those in pronto!

Now, where’s the wine??

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