Auto ship (and other) updates

Jan 24th, 2013

Hi all! First of all, I just wanted to thank you all again so much for your patience during my office move (I’ve only lost a few things!). We still have the big move to do, but the house is on the market and generating lots of interest. We’re now in the phase of keeping the house spotless for the droves of viewings (18 booked, so far).

Anyway, on to the fun stuff: I have (finally!) put up the sign up sheets for Little House Needleworks’ Little Sheep Virtues and the Blue Ribbon Spring Mystery Sampler. I hope the pages are all self explanatory, but if anything is unclear, please let me know!

I’ve also had a request about the Lizzie*Kate Jingles Ornament series, which I’ll be doing a sign up for soon.

Happy stitching!



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