Send me your stitchy blogs!

Mar 5th, 2012

What blogs do you love? I haven’t had much time to bask in the beauty and inspiration of your blogs, I’m sorry to say, but I’d love to hear about what you’re all up to. Please send me your stitch blogs (I especially love drooling over people’s workspaces!) or any other creative blogs that you love. I’m looking for inspiration!


Terms and Conditions: Please only post links to stitch related blogs. I’m not interested in lotteries, condoms or making anyone’s genitalia larger. I reserve the right to delete/not publish any comments containing spammy or unrelated links. I want real blogs by real stitchers, no blatant commercial links, please (unless you’re a designer, in which case, I’d love to check out your style). Also, if you’re a customer, please say so! I’m particularly interested in what you’re up to!


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