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Update: May 20th, 2010

The Patchwork Rabbit is a small, family run business, whose mission statement is to show the world that there’s more to cross stitch and quilting than rose covered cottages and geese in bonnets (though they have their part to play). We also want to ensure that our customers receive the very best service we can provide with a friendly, yet prompt and efficient, shopping experience. We want you to seek inspiration and find passion.

We run our beloved shop entirely in our own time, outside of our more lucrative day jobs, and the whole venture is entirely self funded, while still managing to ship almost all of our orders the same day, usually resulting in next day delivery.

To accomplish this, we rely heavily on great software at affordable prices (e.g. free). Karla is a database developer by trade, so appreciates the time, effort and passion that goes into writing professional, but easy to use, software for the masses.

So, this page is dedicated to all those who have put in the hours, burning the midnight oil, to produce the stupendous software that helps our business grow.  The following companies/people get full props and my undying devotion:

Firstly, WordPress without whom this blog wouldn’t exist. I also use the following plug-ins:

Akismet spam blocker
Bad Behavior spam blocker (yes, you need at least two)
Image Widget for displaying my logo in the sidebar
KB linker for interpost links.
MailChimp newsletter signup form in the sidebar
Post Teaser for shortening blog posts to positively tempting proportions.
Post Redirect which turns blog pages into links to other sites (my Go To Shop page, for example).
Sexy Bookmarks which makes bookmarks which are sexy.
Simple Pull Quote which I use for customer testimonials.
Ultimate Google Analytics which provides google stats for the blog.
WPtouch theme for iPhone users

Let’s not forget:

Google for which I use google analytics and gmail (which I use as POP3 mail reader because the ones in cpanel are rubbish).

MailChimp for my newsletter software. They also help you write the javascript for your shop pages. Very easy to use site and I’m chuffed to bits with them (p.s. sign up for the newsletter to be first to hear about sales, offers, new products etc).

PollDaddy for polls and surveys.

OK, these next ones aren’t free, but they are cheap (relatively speaking) and I’m totally satisfied with my experience:

5quidhost webhosting which costs me £5 a month (hence the name) and the service is exceptional.

My website is written in Actinic (not free or even cheap, but good), entirely by me, but I have added two plug ins from Norman at Drillpine. The multi images and tabbed descriptions are his. Not free, but superb value for money, nonetheless and I think they look spiffing and go a long way to brushing the amateur dust off the shop.

Also, the Actinic support forum deserves a mention. They’re mostly normal users like me, and nothing makes them surf the forums on a Sunday morning, looking to help people out, but they do and I thank them for it.

And then, there’s my husband. I could not do any of this without his ceaseless love and support (even though he does roll his eyes sometimes, but I forgive him because he’s cute. And a good cook. And not afraid of a loo brush.).

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